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SEO & copywriting go hand in hand. All our websites are optimised for great SEO, with best practice coding principles in place, and optimised scripts and images. But equally important is your written content, and we can provide professional, high quality copywriting for your website or online marketing.

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Cutting through the noise

In today’s noisy, over-saturated online world it has become increasingly difficult to attract prospective customers via organic search results. At Zava Design we combine best practice SEO with high quality copywriting to maximise your potential customer reach and give your small business the best chance of standing out from the competion.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Ensuring that your website is built to maximise SEO performance is no longer an option online, it’s a necessity. Google now includes page load speed, mobile-friendliness, images optimised for fast download, and a range of other “behind the scenes” factors into their algorithm for ranking search results. Add in off-page work such as backlinks and social media that also needs to happen in order to make an effective impact on your search engine ranking, and you may begin to appreciate that while SEO is not rocket science, it can be quite labor intensive and you do need to plan out all parts effectively.

Content is very much king

The biggest factor in ranking well on Google is content – content is king! Google’s algorithm looks for well written, relevant content, rather than “keyword stuffed” content that is badly written, which was abused by many sites in the past in an attempt to take a “short cut” to the top of the Google rankings. Those days are over, and now it’s all about quality rather than quantity. Get in touch with Zava Design and we can talk about your website’s content, and how we can work together to improve your website’s ranking. We’re also happy to offer some free tips if you want to write the content yourself.

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